Types of Windows

You have a variety of choices when it comes to your new windows.

Below are some of the most common window types and functions. Please take a look and contact us with any questions. Or click here to fill out the Request A Quote form below.

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows reflect the look of traditional craftsmanship, with details like beveled exterior edges, which gives homes a traditional look. There are a wide variety of combinations available, including twin, triple and transom. Double hung feature same-size visible glass dimensions for top and bottom sashes. Double hung operable sashes tilt in for easy glass cleaning.

Single hung windows create a cost-effective window package with classical styling.

Single Hung, Double Hung Windows

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Sliding windows like these are popular in today’s homes, especially when space is at a premium. They add ventilation and wide viewing areas in walls where vertical space is limited. Operable sashes lift out for easy glass cleaning. Slide tracks have deep systems designed for excellent drainage and reduced air infiltration. Single and double sliding styles available, plus 3-lite end-vent sliders.

Horizontal Slider Window

Bay Windows

Bay windows add architectural interest, plenty of light, and real spaciousness to a home. It offers the same great features as our casement, hung, and picture windows. Bay windows give a room a feeling of spaciousness; in fact, the room is actually larger. Available as 30 and 45 degree bays. Bay & bow windows can be made with single hung, casement, bottom awning or picture window units.

Bay Window


Awnings are hinged on the top to tilt outward, allowing for ventilation even in bad weather. Consider using awning windows as an accent above or below picture windows.
Awning Window


With no obstructing rails, picture windows help you make the most of a great view.
Picture Window

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding and hinged patio doors from GlassMan offer design flexibility to create the look that your home demands. Standard and French rail styles, in 2-, 3-, and 4-panel designs. French-style hinged doors are available in a variety of combinations. They are designed for excellent air and water performance with a range of options of style, color, grinds, hardware, and combinations which can complement any home.

Sliding Glass Door
Plygem Windows and Doors
Milgard Windows and Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my windows?

Yes we do window repair. We can replace the failed double pane unit with a brand new sealed double pane unit. Warranties are per vendor and our most common manufacturer has a 10 year warranty on the unit.*Exceptions do apply – ask if you have any questions on warranty*.  Our labor is warrantied for one year. Brand new Vinyl windows have a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Please note: Both panes have to be replaced as unit comes sealed from the factory. Once the seal is broken moisture will get in between the panes.

For single pane window repair – we will often bring the glass, cut on site and install the same day. No waiting on the product from the vendor. *Tempered can not be cut on site – must be manufactured*

Do you do inspections of windows for failed units for the sale of our home?

We can do a walk through and look at your windows, however failed units dry up during the day and there is no guarantee on any failed units we do not see during our walk through.

We are not inspectors and can not be held responsible for the inspection process. There is a fee involved in doing a walk through of your home. Call us for more details 253-863-2297.

What caused condensation, moisture or mold on my window?

How do I test if it is bad seals or indoor humidity?
Before requesting an evaluation of your windows from GlassMan, run your finger through the area where the condensation has formed. If your finger gets wet and leaves a trail through the condensation, it's on the room-side of the glass. That tells you that condensation is forming because of excessive indoor humidity, not a broken seal. Also, if more than one window is showing condensation, it's extremely unlikely that the seals are bad on all the windows. 

If moisture or condensation occurs between the glass, this is due to a seal failure. The only option is to replace the glass.

If moisture or mold occur on the inside of your window this is due to poor or lack of circulation in the room – a suggestion is to leave the door open or open your drapes or blinds.

I did the condensation test and still am uncertain about my window seals. What should I do?

If you are still uncertain about condensation being indoor humidity or a broken seal please provide the information in this list to help our team assist you.

  • When filling out a Request Quote form, please provide pictures, especially in the areas in which leaking or condensation are occurring (inside and outside)
  • Is there moisture or leaking  on the frame area? (is it vinyl, aluminum or wood)
  • Is there moisture on the glass?
  • If this is a single hung unit are the balancers bad? This could be allowing air/moisture in the area.

If GlassMan comes to your home for an Evaluation, there is a minimum charge of $150.00 plus tax. This does not guarantee we can fix the leak. The $150.00 is to find out what the problem is, if we can.

How long is my window warranty?
The warranty for our labor is one year. The warranty on your product is per manufacturer. For vinyl windows, most are limited lifetime warranty. For Insulated Glass Units (Glass repair in your current frame) our most common vendor is 10 years. Exceptions do apply.

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