Prime Window Systems

GlassMan, Inc. is a proud provider of Prime Window Systems, home windows

Prime Windows offer classic beauty and contemporary design to your home. Homeowners can choose from many window styles and configurations to fit any architectural style or home design. Premium quality and performance is guaranteed and makes choosing Prime Windows for your home the only choice and the best value.

The Prime Advantage

Energy-Efficient Beauty
Prime Window Systems thermal welded vinyl frames are engineered to minimize air, water and noise infiltration. When combined with your choice of Low-E glass systems, the Prime vinyl windows will help pay for themselves in lower heating and cooling costs.

Quality-Crafted Durability
At GlassMan Inc, our team values the performance-tested vinyl windows which feature fusion-welded sashes and frames. They deliver exceptional strength for lasting durability.

Prime Assurance
Every Prime Window Systems window is backed by a comprehensive warranty on vinyl, glass and all working parts. See warranty for specific provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my windows?

Yes we do window repair. We can replace the double pane unit with a new one that carries a lifetime warranty for the homeowner.

Please note: Both panes have to be replaced as unit comes sealed from the factory. Once the seal is broken moisture will get in between the panes.

Do you do inspections of windows for failed units for the sale of our home?

We can do a walk through and look at your windows, however failed units dry up during the day and there is no guarantee on any failed units we do not see during our walk through.

We are not inspectors and can not be held responsible for the inspection process. There is a fee involved in doing a walk through of your home. Call us for more details 253-863-2297.

What caused condensation, moisture or mold on my window?

If moisture or condensation occurs between the glass, this is due to a seal failure. The only option is to replace the glass.

If moisture or mold occur on the inside of your window this is due to poor or lack of circulation in the room – a suggestion is to leave the door open or open your drapes or blinds.

Create the home you deserve —
GlassMan, Inc. can make it happen!

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