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Quotes and Product

How do I go about getting an estimate or a quote? How quickly can I get a quote?

Generally we can give you a verbal quote over the phone before we send a technician out to your home, thus giving you a general idea of your cost. We would need to know product being repaired or replaced, as well approximate size. Once we have a field measure, we can usually have a firm proposal done and ready for you in 24 to 48 hours.

Shower Doors

What is the difference between a glass shower door and a shower enclosure?

A glass shower door is the product used to finish your shower enclosure. The shower enclosure is the structure to which the shower door is then attached or added to.

Do you do custom shower doors?

Yes, we do custom shower doors. We do not do tile work or install shower pans. We can do a glass wall or a slider or swing door to custom fit your shower design.

Windows – New Install, Repair and Replacement

Can you repair my windows?

Yes we do window repair. We can replace the double pane unit with a new one that carries a lifetime warranty for the homeowner.

Please note: Both panes have to be replaced as unit comes sealed from the factory. Once the seal is broken moisture will get in between the panes.

Do you do inspections of windows for failed units for the sale of our home?

We can do a walk through and look at your windows, however failed units dry up during the day and there is no guarantee on any failed units we do not see during our walk through.

We are not inspectors and can not be held responsible for the inspection process. There is a fee involved in doing a walk through of your home. Call us for more details.

What caused condensation, moisture or mold on my window?

If moisture or condensation occurs between the glass, this is due to a seal failure. The only option is to replace the glass.

If moisture or mold occur on the inside of your window this is due to poor or lack of circulation in the room – a suggestion is to leave the door open or open your drapes or blinds.

Pet Doors

Can I buy directly from the Pet Door Guys?

No, you must buy from a local vendor like GlassMan, Inc. Call 253-863-2297 for any questions about the conversion kit.

Fireplace Door Glass

Can I drop the door off and have you replace the glass?

Yes, but you must have your rope or gasket - we do the glass only. We do not have these in-stock an each is individual to your fireplace, so we will re-use your original parts.

How long does it take to have my fireplace glass replaced?

Wood stoves use Neo Ceram glass and take 5-7 working days while Gas stoves use tempered glass and take between 1-2 weeks.

Will you come to my house and replace my fireplace glass?

No, you must bring the product to us. We are not a fireplace company and will not touch your fireplace for liability purposes.


What can you do about lighting or electrical fixtures that are in the way?

We can cut holes to allow the mirror to fit around lighting and electrical fixtures.

Installation options include:

  • Hangers/clips
  • J-mold and mastic which glue to the wall

What options are there for finished edge styles on mirrors?

Besides the thickness, size, and shape of your vanity or bathroom mirror we provide a variety of finished edge styles including:

  • Flat Polished or Ground
  • Beveled
  • Pencil polished or ground
  • Arrised

What shapes are you able to cut for mirrors?

Mirror shapes include:

  • Common square and rectangle
  • Custom oval and circle shapes

Is there a difference in thickness for decorative mirrors and bathroom mirrors?

Yes, there are two standard mirror thicknesses:

  • 1/8 used with picture frames for decorative mirrors
  • 3/16 which is used for your standard bathroom and wall mirrors

I want a mirror in a frame, will you build the frame for me?

No, but we will install the mirror in a frame you supply, or in the frame you build on your wall.


Can I just replace the glass if my skylights has a broken seal, or the glass is foggy or broken?

No, the whole skylight must be replaced. Contact us for a quote.

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