Patio Door with Dog Door Built In

Custom Dog Door Conversion Kit for all Size Dogs and Cats

Who let the dogs out?! The dogs did!

Even dogs as big as the ones below fit through the extra-large dog door with ease. The patio door with dog door kit is a quality, weather-resistant dog door for large dogs such as Rottweilers, St. Bernard’s, Irish Wolfhounds, Bull Mastiff, and other large breeds, as well as small doors for little dogs such as Pugs, Pekinese, Dachshounds, Maltese and cats. 

XLarge Dog Door
Patio Door Dog Door Installation
Patio Door with Dog Door

Free yourself from the inconvenience and time spent opening the door all day, every day for your dog or pet.

Are you physically limited and getting up and down to open the patio door is difficult? Does your dog constantly want to go outside? Don’t want to get up at all hours of the night?

The solution is a built in pet door for your patio door!

Pet door opening sizes for small and large dogs

  • Small: 6″ x 11″, small dogs or cats
  • Medium: 8″ x 15″, beagles or french bulldogs
  • Large: 10″ x 19″, border collies, boxers, pitbulls
  • X-Large: 12″ x 23″, german shephard’s, labs, cane corso

Call 253-863-2297 or fill out the form below for more information or help with sizing.

dog door conversion kit size xl

No need to purchase a new door.

The conversion kit works with your existing patio door. 

The patio door conversion kit is a custom built, weather-tight panel that fits your door. While the pet door keeps the weather out, you still have full use of the patio door. Your dog can come in and go out without assistance from you.

GlassMan, Inc. only uses the quality Pet Door Conversion Kit from Pet Door Guys.  The kits come in small, medium, large, & x-large sizes to fit all sizes and breeds.

Benefits of a patio door with a dog door:

Comfort and convenience – If you work away from the home, now you don’t need to worry about your dog making a mess in the house. Your dog will be glad to see you instead of a pet who has been holding it waiting for your return. A customized, cost-effective pet door will do away with the frequent need for clean-up and eliminate odors.

Physical exercise and stimulation – By allowing secure and safe access to outdoors during the day you can effectively curb unwanted behavioral issues related to boredom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the dog door look good once installed in my existing patio door?
  • This “In the Glass” model uses your existing patio door to ensure that your house looks the same way that it did prior to the installation.
  • It comes pre-installed with the high-quality Endura Flap® doggie door, which is an insulating, flexible flap that withstands extremely harsh climates.
  • Seamless installation that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is well-engineered.
Does the pet door compromise the security of my home?
  • The “In the Glass” model we use has a magnetic lining so it snaps closed.
  • Locking cover included
Can I buy the conversion kit directly from the Pet Door Guy?
No, you must buy Pet Door Guy products from a local vendor like GlassMan, Inc. Call 253-863-2297 for any questions about the conversion kit.

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