Bathroom Mirrors, Custom Mirrors, Wall Mirrors, & Vanity Mirrors

We specialize in the design and installation of bathroom, wall, vanity and custom mirrors. Our glaziers have years of experience in measuring, cutting, removing, and hanging large and small mirrors. There are two standard mirror thicknesses, 1/8 used with picture frames for decorative mirrors and 3/16 which is used for your standard bathroom and wall mirrors. Common mirror shapes include: square and rectangle but we are also able to custom cut mirrors in oval and circle shapes. Besides the thickness, size, and shape of your vanity or bathroom mirror we provide a variety of finished edge styles including: Flat Polished or Ground, Beveled, Pencil polished or ground, and Arrised.

We can cut holes to allow the mirror to fit around lighting and electrical fixtures. Installation options include hangers/clips or J-mold and mastic which glue to the wall.

General price range (depending on mirror thickness, size, shape, and edge):

Example: 46 x 36 Bathroom Mirror 3/16 with Beveled Edge = $185*

*Price does not include sales tax or installation.

Please call us with your mirror type and size, and one of our customer service representatives will be able to give you an estimate or you can get a quote.